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Purchasing new machinery or replacing existing equipment? We can help you find the Asset Finance option that is right for you.

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Leasing or renting assets such as machinery or office equipment can save you the initial costs of buying them outright. In addition, asset finance may have other benefits for your business (cash flow, tax, etc.)
Advantages of asset finance
Advantages include:
  • access to a high standard of equipment that you might not be able to afford otherwise
  • interest rates on monthly instalments are usually fixed
  • typically less risky compared to bank loans – if you can’t make payments you’ll lose the asset but not, for example, your home
  • the leasing company carries the risk if the equipment fails or breaks down
  • as long as you pay regularly, the agreement can’t be cancelled
  • it’s widely available
  • Disadvantages of asset finance
    Disadvantages include:
  • you can’t claim capital allowances on a leased asset if the lease period is less than 5 years (or 7 years in some cases)
  • it can be more expensive than buying the asset outright
  • some long-term contracts can be difficult to cancel early
  • you may have to pay a deposit or make some payments in advance
  • Borrow
    From £1,000 to £7.5 million or more
    From 6 months to 5 years
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