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How to apply online for a coronavirus business loan
These are difficult times we find ourselves in. And, as was true before the COVID-19 crisis, there are no shortcuts when it comes to business finances. But Finpoint is doing what we can, to offer you a simple and easy way to access multiple providers for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) and we are looking to assist you with information about the new small business Bounce Back Loan scheme too.

We are fortunate to be working with leading organisations such as UK Finance and the Federation of Small Businesses. This gives us a unique vantage point in these uncertain times to get access to information early, so that we can share the latest guidance and advice with you.
Finpoint's Coronavirus Business Loan Hub

As part of the Government’s package to support small businesses and their cash flow during this crisis, CBILS launched on 23 March 2020. The scheme aims to give SMEs financial support whilst providing billions of pounds worth of guarantees at a wholesale level to domestic banks across the UK.

You can access the scheme by visiting the British Business Bank directly, and enquire with each provider of your choice. However, we appreciate that this is a time consuming and lengthy process.

If you register through Finpoint, you can make one simple and easy application, saving you time and effort. We then do the hard work for you by checking your eligibility with our current list of providers. Not all providers are available through Finpoint at the moment, but more are being added. We can also use your application to suggest other funding options available to you.

CBILS covers Term Loans, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance and Revolving Credit (Overdrafts). Please also note that lenders have agreed they will not take personal guarantees as security for lending below £250,000.

The CBILS application requires more detail than a standard business finance application, which is why the Finpoint platform is streamlining the process to save you time.

The main reason for the additional information is to help lenders understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on your trading pattern. A key criterion of the scheme is to satisfy the lender that your business would be considered viable, were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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