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Earn more interest easily, because time is money


Nowadays it seems fairly obvious that time is money.  Everywhere in our daily lives, we’re encouraged to think like that. More so in business – What’s the return on investment? How many customers did the advertising campaign deliver, at what cost?

We at Finpoint routinely talk to businesses about how they run their operations and finance. Most of the time it is to help the business find the finance they need to grow. But often we also talk about cash management. The common theme we hear is ‘our cash sits in a bank and we don’t get much (if any) interest’. This is usually followed by ‘the hassle of managing cash isn’t worth the returns’.

It’s natural to think, in the low-interest environment we are in, that shopping around for a better savings product isn’t worth the time. Benjamin Franklin, the man widely credited with coining the phrase ‘Time is Money’ would agree with this logic. He first used the phrase in his 1748 essay ‘Advice to a Young Tradesman’.

But since time is the variable here, what if there was a way to find better savings products in an instant?

Drum roll! We are proud to announce a new service that matches your firm’s sector and size with relevant savings products.


Easily manage your cash: we search, you choose

The new service lets you manage your business cash balances with less risk and hassle, all in a single view. By using the latest technology you can move cash to higher-yielding accounts in minutes. The transactional cost for your time is reduced and your returns are increased. So with not much time, you could make more money.

It is innovation like this, that have the potential to change the way businesses work. As one of the great innovators of the 18th century, we think Benjamin Franklin would agree to 🙂


How we help

Sign up today to reduce the time and hassle it takes, making sure you earn more interest easily.

Lastly, please let us know what you think of the new savings comparison service? We’d love to get your feedback. It will help us challenge the assumptions that some things take too long or aren’t worth doing.

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