Pension Finance

Sourcing your funding directly through your own accrued pensions is a flexible and efficient alternative funding option for your business, giving you more control and freedom whilst interest charged is added to you pension.

Have the facts before you apply

Pension funding is still a relatively unknown product and offers the ability to raise funds based upon the pensions accrued by one or more owners or directors of the business they control. Any money lend to the business is paid back with interest and will increase the size of the pension.

It is a complex product, but in essence any amount borrowed works like a business loan, i.e. the amount is borrowed from the personal pension pot(s) and paid back with interest by the business. This means that a growing business can also increase the pension pot(s) of its director(s). There are alternative ways for the pension to invest directly in the business, to find out more please ask for a call back from our advisors.

£50k to £1m
Repayment Terms
1 month to 5 years
Typical rates?
Varies depending on risk profile, amount, term

All interest rates quoted are indicative only as rates will only be confirmed based on the risk profile for each deal. Risk category associated with the deal. This is based on primarily debt survivability and security available for the loan

Advantages of Pension Finance

    Borrowing from personal pensions means the interest you pay back on your borrowing is paid back into your pension

    Growth and income in the pension remain tax free

    No need for Personal guarantees and charges over property

    Funds can be used for any business purpose

Things to be aware of…

    Pensions are a long-term savings vehicle to provide retirement provision for its members

    The amount you can borrow is limited by the size of the pension pot(s)

    The set up time can be several weeks

Access pension finance, we can help

Finpoint is free to use for businesses and gives you access to a selection of our trusted funders. We’re 100% transparent about fees and rates. We’re also 100% independent, and our only interest is in making sure you get the right business finance.

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